The All New Twister T2

Old Dog, New Tricks

Maximize CBD Potency

Isolate your plant’s highest potency aspect, which is your flower, by removing the stalks, stems, and leaves that dilute your potency.


1. Buck your plant to remove large stalks

2. Trim your flower to remove stems and leaves

Increase Harvest Speed

Move through your harvest quickly to maintain product quality and get your product to market faster to secure a ROI from your crop.

// Trim Wet or Dry

  • Trim up to 124 lbs wet with a Triple T2 System
  • Trim up to 25 lbs dry with a Tandem T2 System
Harvest 25,000 lbs wet in 10, 10 hour days

Harvest with Confidence

When harvesting large amounts at a time, equipment reliability, and customer support, you can count on matters.


With over a decade of innovation, the Twister T2 is the number one used trimming system among cannabis and hemp producers worldwide to meet the volume of today’s most demanding harvests.

Industry-Leading Customer Support
12 hours a day, 7 days a week


All New T2 with Standard Leaf Collector included:



Input Voltage 120V, 60Hz
Current Draw 15.5A
Blade Motor 1HP,  750 W, Fan Cooled, Stainless
Tumbler Motor 1/30HP, 25W, Epoxy Coated, Watertight
Weight 215 lbs / 97.5 kg
Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector) 420 lbs / 190 kg
Cut Height .040″ / 1/25 / 1mm
Length 42.5in / 107.9cm
Width, with wheels 27.5in / 69.9cm
Width, without wheels 20.5in / 52.2cm
Height 32.5in / 82cm
Circuit Breaker Required 20A, 120V
Height without wheels 30.5in / 76cm
Discharge 6″ / 152mm

Trusted brand for over 13 years

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