all natural
non-stick coating

Designed specifically for gardening tools and machinery, Clear Cut's lubricating properties provide an UNMATCHED non-stick coating to scissors, clippers, hedgers, and shears. Clear Cut is derived from 100% SAFE-Certified cosmetic grade hemp oil, making it safe for both your plants and your skin.
brush with Twister clear cut on the left half and aerosol cooking oil on the right half

Clear Cut vs aerosol cooking oil spray

Clear Cut on the left, aerosol cooking spray on the right. Compare the residue left behind after applying both to the Twister's tumbler brush. The difference is clear!

cooking oil vs olive oil vs clear cut

Aerosol cooking spray vs olive oil vs Clear Cut

Clear Cut is great because it's derived from 100% SAFE-certified hemp oil, which means it's safe for your plants and your skin. Look at this comparison. Which would you rather use?

Clear Cut Compared

lubricant comparison chart no lubrication performance for mobile cold water performance for mobile olive oil performance for mobile Twister clear cut performance for mobile

NOTE: Clear Cut should not be left applied for durations longer than a few days. Clear Cut may harden if thick coats are left untouched on tools.

in 5 Gallon

Due to popular demand, we've now made Clear Cut available in 5 gallon pails. For the really (really) big jobs.
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Prevent Buildup

Superior non-stick properties help prevent build-up and ensure your tools stay clean and usable for as long as you need them. Stay away from aerosol-based sprays that can harm your plants.

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Easy to Apply

Apply Clear Cut lubricant to your gardening tools, gloves and machinery before and during use to prevent build-up of residue. Clear Cut is designed to spray in a fine mist, so it's easy to liberally and evenly coat your tools and machinery.