Customer First Harvesting Equipment

Customer First Harvesting Equipment

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Life’s about choice. It’s easy to take the path with the least resistance. To stay in bounds where the lines are clear. But that never made sense to you. It’s not how you’re built.

You’d rather carve your own path. Because the reward has always been greater than the risk. You’ve been challenged. Some of your choices have threatened to break you, make you change your course, but in the end; they’ve only built you up.

You believe in what you do. You’re connected to it. It’s part of who you are. It doesn’t mean the road will be easy. Consolidation and expansion are on the rise. Cultivation and processing in a smart way, efficiently and effectively, is critical.

Partner with the right people who provide the quality products and services, have experience in the industry, and care about helping their customers every step of the way.

Plan ahead. Plan for the future.


Industrial Grade Construction

Stainless steel tumbler and lid, carbon steel frame

24hr duty cycle operation

Automation & Controls

Variable speed tumbler

Cleanability & Compliance

Wash down rated, UL compliant

Done Right

Maintain THC and CBD potency for flower, pre-rolls, and high-quality extraction with minimal handling to preserve the natural state and characteristics of your flower.

Move through your harvest quickly

• trim up to 600lbs wet / 120lbs dry per hour

• increase profit margins

• with less labor required

Twister is trusted by the largest cannabis producer in the United States

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