Industrial Grade Construction

Stainless steel tumbler and lid, carbon steel frame

24hr duty cycle operation

Automation & Controls

Variable speed tumbler

Cleanability & Compliance

Wash down rated, UL compliant

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Working hard is in your DNA,
but you don’t have to gamble on your legacy.

Customer First Hemp Harvest Equipment

Working hard is in your DNA,
but don’t gamble away your legacy.

Customer First Hemp Harvest Equipment

The Next Generation.
Create Your Legacy.

You’ve made the decision to evolve and diversify your family income. To focus on agribusiness and bring back agriculture. You know, you get what you put in. Luckily, hard work is in your DNA. It’s in your blood.

Working hard is a must, but working smart will ensure your success this year. Partner with the right people who provide quality products and services, have the experience and are trusted in the industry and care about helping their customers every step of the way.

Hemp Harvesting
Done Right

Trimming maintains CBD potency for CBD Hemp flower, CBD pre-rolls, and high-quality extraction by separating your flower from the biomass

• Buck the flower from the stalks and stems

• Trim the leaves off the flower

• Avoid combines which reduce CBD potency material dramatically

Twister is trusted by the largest cannabis producer in the United States

Total Trimmers in Use

Total Twister Harvesting Equipment in Use

States Use Twister Products

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Separate your high quality flower from your lower value bio mass with the T-ZERO SE.

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