T2 Accessories & Parts

T2 Twister Rails Tandem

T2 Airflow (Vacuum Bypass)

T2 Leaf Collector

T2 Clear Vacuum Bags (3 X 10 Pack) 5 Mil

T2 Tumbler Guard<br />

T2 Tumbler Guard

T2 Belt Side Guard

Wheel Axle T2

Nitrided Bedbar Assembly T2

T2 Vacuum Bag 40 Micron (High Flow)

Leaf Collector Remote Starter T2 220v

Trim Saver Bin & Lid Upgrade Kit with Silicone Gasket (Stainless Steel)

Trim Saver Bin Lid

T2 Control Box Assembly

Helix Blade End Nut T2

Tumbler Motor T2 1/30 Hp 115v 60hz

Wheel, Foam Core 8″

Helix Blade Belt Cover T2

Urethane Roller, Black

Capacitor, Start, Blade Motor, Sterling 1hp

Bk34 5/8″ Blade Pulley – Ringball

Ak30 10mm Tumbler Motor Pulley – Ringball

Upper Shroud Trim

Tumbler V-Belt T2

Blade Motor T2 1hp 115v 60hz

Modular Led Block

Bearing Overhaul Kit T2 (Helix Blade)

T2 Handle Grips, Pair

Lower Shroud Assembly T2

Printed Material Manual (North America) T2

Flange Mounted Bearing

Double Pushbutton Two Pack

Bearing Plate Assembly, Lh T2

Upper Shroud Assembly T2

Roller Replacement Kit

Tightening Block Assembly T2

Cotter Pin Locking 1/2 Dia. X 1-1/2 Four Pack

11 Blade Helix Blade W/ Nuts T2

Control Box Enclosure 6 X 6 X 4.1 T2

Dry Tumbler Assembly T2, Ss-Ep-Ad 62 Slot Packaged

Bolt Fhcs Ss 5/16-18 X 1/2 (13 Pack)

Bearing Plate Assembly, Rh T2

Twist Knob 5/16-18 X 1/2

Nylon Brush T2

Zerk Grease Nipple Ss 1/4-28 X .539

T2 Hopper (Full Assembly)

Adjustment Lever 3/8-16

Capacitor, Start, Blade Motor, Sterling 3/4hp

Blade V-Belt Twistloc T2

T2 3/4 Hp Blade Motor

T2 Shroud Foam Strip 1/2 X 22

T2 Tumbler Guide Assembly

Motor Capacitor For .025hp

T2 Nitrided Bedknife (Packaged)

Vacuum Body Support T2

BedBar Pivot Bolt T2

Washer Flat SS 13/32 ID X 7/8 OD X .047

Tumbler ADJ Bolt T2

Bolt PHCS ZP #10-24 X 3/8

Pull Pin SS 1/4 X 2.06 (2 Pack)

Nut Flange ZP 7/16-20 X .469 – T2

Keystock SS 3/16 X 3/16 X 1.5 – T2 Motor (Helix)

Bolt SHCS Captive SS 1/4-20 X 1

Thermal Overload Relay

Bolt BHCS SS 1/4-20 X 3/4 W/Threadlock

Washer Nylon 25/64 ID X 1.25 OD X .073 – T2

Narrow Tumbler Assy T2, SS-EP-AD 62 Slot Packaged 

Feed Conveyor Belt 3.75″ x 60″

Qc Conveyor Belt 12″ x 60″

T2 Vacuum Elbow

T2 Vacuum Impeller Housing

Vacuum Hose, 6in Dia Pvc x 6.25ft For T2 & Trim Saver

Bolt Shcs Zp M6-1 X 20 Left Hand Thread

T2 Vacuum Hose Clamp 6in Two Pack

Bolt Hhcs Zp 5/16-24 x 1/2

T2 Vacuum Bag Clamp (Two Pack)

Safety Lockout Switch Red And Yellow For T2 & T4

T2 Vacuum Start Capacitor, 300mf

T2 Vacuum Motor 2hp 230v 60hz

T2 Vacuum Bag 40 Micron (High Flow)

Vacuum Hose Cuff 6in (T2 & Trim Saver)

T2 Vacuum Motor Cord

Vacuum Run Capacitor, 250v 30 Mfd (T4/T6 Vac)

T2 Vacuum Bag Inner Support Rod

6″ Keyed Vacuum Hose Clamp (T2)

T2 Vacuum & T4 Trim Saver Run Capacitor, 45mf

Wet Tumbler Assy T2, Ss-Ep-Ad 50 Slot

15 Amp Receptacle T2