The Largest GMP Industrial Cannabis Trimmer

The award-winning Twister T-Zero PRO is efficient, adaptable and built for big returns. Watch your costs and downtime plummet while your productivity and profitability soar. Ask us about our Performance Guarantee!

Twister T-Zero SE System

The Largest Industrial Cannabis & Hemp Trimmer

The Twister T-Zero SE has been primed for cannabis and hemp growers looking for trimming without all the bells and whistles. Serious throughput, streamlined.

Twister T2 System

Most Used Commercial Cannabis & Hemp Trimmer

Able to trim up to 19 lbs/hour dry and 85 lbs/hour wet, the Twister T2 is the go-to solution for some of the cannabis industry’s top medium-to-large scale operations. GMP ready with maximum performance and uptime guaranteed!

Twister T4 Stainless Steel with Speed Control

Twister T4 Pro System

Commercial Cannabis GMP Trimmer

Our best-selling Twister T4 PRO trimmer in striking, food-safe 304 stainless steel ready for the most stringent environments. It’s the best setup from trimming professionals looking to balance mobility and throughput with an even more durable, easy-to-clean exterior.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

BatchOne Pro

The Biggest Cannabis Batch Style Dry Trimmer

BatchOne Pro provides the industry’s leading throughput and offers the highest quality dry trim in a mobile batch style trimmer.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister T4 SE System

Best Mid Size Hybrid Cannabis Trimmer

The Twister T4 SE trimmer offers big throughput in a portable package and ready for GMP. Trim up to 14 lbs/hour dry or 70 lbs/hour wet with. Trim up to 150 lbs of cannabis with up to 4 machines inline.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister T6

Best Hybrid Tabletop Bud Trimmer

A revolutionary tabletop cannabis trimmer designed for home growers. Plug and play, unplug and go.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister BatchOne Go

Best Tabletop Batch Style Craft Trimmer

High-end materials, easy to use and a game changing price. Engineered to make dry trimming your small batch a breeze.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister B4 Bucker

Gentle Commercial Bucker Machine

Equipped with the industry’s most powerful motor, the Twister B4 ‘Bucker’ is capable of delivering consistent, safe results, without the need for downtime.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister Dry Racks

Maximum Airflow, Easy to Store, Nesting Dry Racks

Designed for cannabis producers with high-humidity environments, strict screening, and storage constraints.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

VELOS : Cold Cure

Cure Cannabis in Hours Not Days

Velos Cold Cure is a revolutionary 24 hour process that quickly dries cannabis flowers while preserving their delicate terpenes, vibrant colors, and fresh bud size.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Velos : Terpene Essence

Solventless Terpene Extraction

Velos Essence is an all-in-one solventless, organic solution for both drying and extracting the full spectrum of terpenes from cannabis without the degrading effects of heat.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

S1 Sorter & AutoFeeder

Gentle, Fast, Accurate Automated Size Sorting

No-nonsense size sorting for up to 3 sizes with an easy to clean design.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister UltraClean

A Better Clean, in Less Time

The Twister UltraClean cleans one trimmer in 15 minutes* versus 120 mins by hand! Save time and labour costs.

Twister BatchOne Pro Front Profile

Twister Foam Cannon

Don't Waste Time, Get Foam Cleaning Action

Quickly connect the Twister Foam Cannon to your pressure water with easy click and snap on functionality. Get your equipment cleaned faster!