Industrial-Grade Cannabis & Hemp Trimming Machine.
Maximum Throughput. Minimal Labour. Hand Trimmed Quality.

Unavailable in Europe

Protect Potency. Predict Production. Produce Profits.

Industrial sized throughput with proven hand trimmed quality.

Actual 2021 data gathered by Licensed Producer

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Preserve CBD &
THC Potency

Handlike accuracy in a fraction of the time
Engineered to replicate the design of scissors, Twister Trimmers generate precision cuts. Minimal handling preserves trichomes and cannabinoids. Don’t let an inconsistent approach reduce the potency and profitability of your flower. Designed to handle the intricacies of trimming without the typical man-hours needed to endure such skilled work. 

Serious Growers Need
Serious Equipment

Don’t pull up in a mini van when you need a pick-up truck.
Automate and accelerate production to ensure that you get your product to market promptly to maintain flower quality and freshness. Built to run 24-hours a day with a throughput of 600 lbs wet or 125 lbs dry per hour so you can move quickly, minimizing the risk of mildew or mold. The quicker you get to market, the quicker you secure distribution and revenue on your harvest. Lean workflow using single piece flow. 24 hour trimming – NO down time period.

Minimal Labour,
Maximum Return

Turn your biggest expense into your greatest asset.
Save time, stress, and hundreds of thousands in labour. It’s time to work smarter with the T-Zero SE. Minimize the time, energy, and cost of your labor force with minimal labour required. The T-Zero SE exponentially increases productivity while drastically decreasing labor costs. Remote access for diagnostics and troubleshooting coupled with comprehensive customer support offers unprecedented control. Take trimming to the next level.

Behind The Numbers

Hand Trim Quality
Before and After

Pink – Wet Trim

Moby Dick – Wet Trim

Lsd – Wet Trim

Black Berry – Wet Trim

Black Berry – Dry Trim

Black Domina – Dry Trim

Customer First Harvesting Equipment


Total Trimmers in Use

Total Twister Harvesting Equipment in Use

States Use Twister Products

You can’t run a large-scale facility that’s hand trimming. You need automation. The T-ZERO is industrial. It’s taken our trim department to another level. It’s the perfect equipment. No one can touch it or has anything like it in terms of quality, automation, training, and customer support.

The key is how quickly you get through your harvest. Your time to trim. The faster you trim, package and get to distribution the better. Flower not trimmed and processed is a loss in revenue.



I love the one on one relationship with the plant but wanted to be able to scale it out of the backyard. Get more of this product to the people. That’s still the motto. Get it more affordable.  

The T-ZERO is heavy-duty. It handles the waterleaf and heavier material without abusing the trimmer. We’ve tried almost every other trimmer. Using other trimmers, we only got one season out of it. We’re still in the infancy of the industry–we want to be a player for the next 10,15, 20 years, who wants to buy a trimmer every year or work with some company who won’t answer the phone or be around for parts. The T-ZERO is not the bottleneck for us. We keep it clean, and it’s going to be here for a long time. Every day it does its job. The longevity we get out of it is almost priceless. We would recommend the T-ZERO for anyone serious.


Rogue Family Farms

We at B.O.L PHARMA are very proud to share our professional and commercial experience with TWISTER TRIMMER.
Our mutual journey started seven years ago with our early-stage purchase of the Twister T2.

When our company expanded the production capacity, we were looking for an advanced trimming machine that could do the job and deliver high trimming quality and high production quantity. Due to our positive past experience with high-end trimming machines for the cannabis industry and very high standards of customer service and support, it was very natural and obvious for our company to come back and continue our relationship and collaboration with Twister Trimmer. Therefore, we purchased the ultimate piece of machinery… the T-ZERO PRO!!!

B.O.L | Breath Of Life


Did you know it’s the same process as harvesting cannabis flower?

Here are the steps to harvest hemp flower over biomass for a higher cost/lb:

  • Buck the flower from the stalks and stems
  • Trim the leaves off the flower
  • Use flower for smokable hemp flower or high-quality extraction
  • Use trim for pre-rolls

* Avoid combines which reduce CBD potency

Learn how to get the most from your hemp harvest

Are You Ready
For The Next Harvest

Don’t risk sitting on unsold product.

Planning too late creates problems with getting equipment, labour and meeting your distribution timelines in order for harvest. Avoid unnecessary delays, untimely issues, and costly headaches. Plan ahead for your most successful harvest yet.

Get organized. Get prepared. Get in touch.



Get your product to market quickly while keeping your costs low, so you can diversify your product offerings and focus on what really matter – creating high-quality products your customers know and trust.

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