Perfecting the Art of the Cure

Cure Puck

Cure Puck

Cure Puck

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The Cure Puck helps ensure perfect curing every time by measuring key indicators in the headspace, the environment in the curing room and automatically burping containers when required.

Vent gases in a precise and controlled way to maximize the benefits of curing.

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Stabilize Water Activity

Experience the ideal balance in your cannabis with Cure Puck’s advanced IoT technology that stabilizes water activity, allowing for a perfectly cured and preserved product. By maintaining the optimal water activity, Cure Puck ensures that your cannabis stays fresh and sticky.

Improve Flower Quality and Consistency

Cure Puck enhances flower quality and consistency by precisely controlling the curing process. Create premium grade cannabis with an improved burn, taste, aroma and shelf life resulting in an elevated user experience.

Automate the Process

Streamline your cannabis curing process with automation. Eliminate guesswork and manual adjustments by allowing the Cure Puck to automatically burp containers when necessary, ensuring a consistent and precise cure every time.

Peace of Mind

The Cure Puck ensures your flower is taken care of 24hrs a day.  And with a backup battery, the flower will get properly burped during transport or power failure.

Remote Monitoring

Stay informed and worry-free with Cure Puck’s real-time notifications, alerting you if your flower is at risk of microbial growth due to excess temperature or moisture. Take immediate action and protect the quality of your cannabis.

Reduce Labor Costs

Cut down on labor expenses by automating the process of burping large volumes of containers with Cure Puck. Focus on other aspects of your cannabis production while Cure Puck takes care of the curing process, saving you both time and money.

Gain Key Insights

Leverage valuable data insights provided by Cure Puck to optimize your curing process further. By understanding the precise conditions that yield the best results, you can fine-tune your methods and consistently produce top-quality cannabis.

Experience the Full Potential of your Harvest

Many months have been spent carefully crafting the finest cannabis possible.
The final weeks can make the difference between the best and the rest.


What is a Cure Puck?

The Cure Puck is a smart IoT device that helps ensure perfect curing every time by measuring key indicators in the headspace, the environment in the curing room and automatically burping containers when required.

Is Oxygen good or bad for curing?

Oxygen plays dual roles in curing. It provides the fuel for aerobic activity to take place and enhance the cure process. This process called respiration is the breakdown of stored organic matter such as carbohydrates by enzymes. This process consumes oxygen and produces CO2. Alternatively, over an extended period, too much oxygen can lead to oxidization. In dried cannabis oxidization can lead to the breakdown of organic compounds, such as cannabinoids and terpenes. This process can cause a loss of potency, undesirable changes in flavor, aroma, and deterioration in appearance. Proper storage in a cool, dark, airtight containers, is necessary.

Who is the Cure Puck for?

People who currently cure and want to automate their process. People who do not know how to cure and want to improve their flower quality. Cannabis Nerds who love to know every data point and want to perfect their craft.

Why is a Cure Puck better than simply manually burping the container?

There is nothing wrong with manually burping a container assuming you regularly remember to do it, know exactly when to do it, and know how much air to exchange (assuming the air you are introducing is controlled as well). The advantage of Cure Puck is it gives more insight into when to burp and for how long. It does this automatically, so you know you are getting the best results every time. Introducing too much very dry air can ruin the cure. As well as introducing too much moist air.

Who is a Cure Puck not for?

Those who believe Curing is Bro Science – sorry the Cure Puck will not be a fit.

Why is the Cure Puck better than a hygrometer?

A hygrometer is a common tool for monitoring the relative humidity of curing cannabis. Unfortunately, most hygrometers do not have the accuracy required for effective decision making. Typically, hygrometers under $100 have an accuracy of +/- 4%, and rapidly lose accuracy. Considering the sweet spot of cannabis curing is 60% – 63% RH, a meter’s accuracy is important. The Cure Puck uses high accuracy sensors that are +/- 1%. These sensors are also user replaceable. The Cure Puck measures water activity, CO2, temperature, room environment and burps the container the perfect amount when required. It provides alerts if the flower is at risk of microbial growth.


  • Real time monitoring of container headspace
  • Real time monitoring of room environment
  • High Accuracy Replaceable Sensors
  • Automatic Burping
  • User defined recipes
  • Notification System
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Battery Backup
  • Web & Mobile App

Monitor your Cure on Mobile

Dive into real-time curing insights, wherever you are. With the Cure Puck app, you’re always in tune with your curing process. Simply download and have your curing details right at your fingertips.


Well Cured Cannabis is Better Cannabis


$595 USD