High-end Materials, Easy to Use, at an Affordable Price:They said you can’t have all three.

But you can’t be the best by cutting corners. So we demanded it.

All New Twister BatchOne Go:$1,989*


Limited Quantities

The BatchOne Go is engineered to make dry trimming your small batch a breeze. Made of aircraft grade aluminum and electropolished food grade stainless steel. With quality, affordability and a throughput of 5 lbs/hr there is nothing in the market that even comes close.


Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Electropolished Food Grade Stainless Steel

Optically Clear Plastic

Paid off in 8lbs

Skip the salad bowls and bag shakers like you skip video ads. The problem with cheap, is it’s cheap.

The BatchOne Go is the perfect balance of game-changing value, gentle automation and high-end materials.  With an easy-to-remove motor, cleaning the BatchOne Go with a pressure washer is simple and safe. The ultimate home grow dry trimming experience is here. Go.

  • Quick lock tumbler plug stays in place, preventing your flower from hitting the dirt 
  • Unique frame design allows for simple loading and unloading  
  • Quiet 58 decibels operation 
  • Fine saddle tension adjustments for tight trimming 
  • Powerful 40W motor  
  • Anti-slip durable rubber feet for grip while operating and cleaning 
  • Toolless Maintenance   
  • CSA, UL, CE Certified 
  • Lubrication free, mess-free operation 
  • Capture 100% of the trim without the need of a vacuum or Trim Saver 
  • Removable Motor for cleaning 
  • Trims 5lbs / hr 
  • Optically Clear Plastic Lid  
  • FDA Compliant Product Path Materials  
  • Anodized Aluminum Body 
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Support Structure 
  • Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Tumbler with Anodized Aluminum End Caps 
  • Clear Polycarbonate Trim Bin 
  • 6 Piece Minimalistic Design for Easy Cleanability 
  • UHMW Polyethylene Saddle  

Whisper Quiet

As the saying goes, real Gs move in silence, like lasagna.

How quiet you ask? You would be kicked out of a library for laughing before you would for trimming with the BatchOne Go. So feel free to trim during your next video call or even at the crack of dawn. Go.

Genius in Simplicity

With only 6 removable pieces and a smooth edgeless internal wall design, the BatchOne Go combines the industry’s most gentle trimming process, frictionless trim capture and easy cleaning. Setup or breakdown in 30 seconds flat. Go.

Illuminati Confirmed

The right numbers lead to success. Understanding these variables will help you to a beast of a grow. That is why we shine the light so you can have the same keys during trimming. Extensive tests have shown your flower’s optimal moisture content level for use with the BatchOne Go is 8-10%. Details matter. Go.   

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