Forbes Feature : CEO Jay Evans

Sep 15, 2020

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Keirton CEO Jay Evans is taking his passion for innovation, trimming technology, and cannabis to the masses as he begins his new role as a contributor for Green Entrepreneur magazine. The opportunity is the perfect fit for Evans, the mind behind our Twister Trimmer machinery that creates technology-based industrial equipment for 80 percent of the leading legal cannabis producers in 20 countries. 


Thriving during COVID-19

Evans’ first article details how cannabis leaders are leveraging automatic solutions in daily operations to streamline workflows during the COVID-19 crisis. In the piece, he describes how producers must ensure the safety and security of cannabis, bolster production volume, efficiency, and output, and enhance product quality and consistency.


Highlights of the First Feature

Technology like the Twister Trimmer product line, our high-volume marijuana trimmers that can remove mildew and other unwanted contaminants on low-quality plant leaves, can help the cannabis industry thrive during these challenging times, Evans notes in his first Green Entrepreneur contribution. With A1’s integration, the appearance and quality of cannabis is bolstered, signaling to consumers that it originates from the best source and is safe to consume at home. 

“With shelf-space in limited supply, operators and brands need a consistent product—whether that’s in visual quality, aroma, or flavor—or risk losing out to its competitors,” writes Evans in the column.

An Ongoing Gig

Evans will continue to be a guest contributor throughout 2020. Green Entrepreneur is a cannabis-focused magazine and website published by the popular Entrepreneur magazine enterprise. A longtime advocate for marijuana in Canada and a lifelong entrepreneur, Evans co-founded Keirton in 2007. Keirton’s products for sale include bucking machines and drying racks that are used to process an estimated 3 million kilograms of cannabis annually.

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