Marijuana Legalization in Canada and the USA

Sep 16, 2020

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Cannabis is fully legalized in Canada and in some states in the USA. We’ve put together a guide to discovering insider information including which laws are currently in place and the benefits to decriminalization.

Legalization of Marijuana in Canada 

Marijuana is legal in Canada for all individuals above 18 years of age. The Cannabis Act of October 2018 controls the cultivation, possession, sale, and distribution of marijuana across Canada.

The three main objectives of the act are:

  • To ensure no middlemen are involved in the Marijuana business. It helps the cannabis producers reap maximum profits
  • To ensure only youth of the right age access cannabis
  • To enable adults to access cannabis for medical purposes

The act highlights the quantities of dried cannabis, and it’s equivalent products each eligible individual should possess. It also outlines that an individual is able to cultivate four cannabis plants from certified seedlings or seeds in his premises for specific personal use, then can convert these four cannabis plants into different forms without using any organic solvent. It also highlights that they can possess only less than 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in public places. Individuals are then only allowed to share less than 30 grams with eligible counterparts and lastly, only purchase fresh or dried marijuana from licensed retailers. The rules are uniform countrywide.

Marijuana Legalization in the USA

So far, only 33 states have legalized the medical use of cannabis in the USA. Eleven of these states have legalized recreational use. Illinois was the first state to legalize recreational use, whereas California was the first to legalize cannabis medical use in 1996.

Over the years, research has been carried out to back up the quest for fully legalizing cannabis. This has, however, received a lot of resistance from other research that shows marijuana-associated problems.

A study conducted in the first four states to legalize cannabis concluded how individuals above the age of 26 became easily addicted. The addiction then led to more cannabis-use-related disorders.

Against the backlash of the law, USA residents have given their reasons, both legal and social, as to why cannabis should be decriminalized. People suggest that continued violence and crime in the Mexico-US border is mainly because of the illegal marijuana business. If cannabis legalization were to come to fruition, this could potentially end. It’s also been shown that tobacco and alcohol cause more danger to human health than marijuana does. Yet they are legal. Research has indicated the medical benefits associated with cannabis, which is a strong point for legalization. Continued use of the drug could prevent further pain, ailments, and reliance on prescription medications.

Since some states legalized marijuana in 2014, the revenue has hit over $7.6 billion. This has made it the best selling agricultural product during this period.

The Future Of Cannabis in the USA and Canada

Cannabis legalization in Canada has improved many industries, including tourism. We’ve even seen restaurants that serve food infused with cannabis and many pot shops in popular shopping districts. indirectly. Since legalization, many locals and tourists have tried cannabis or related products.

Manufacturing industries, like ours and others creating marijuana trimmers, have been affected positively by these laws as well. Growers and individuals are always looking to increase their yields and are constantly on the lookout for the best machines to trim their plants.

Canada was the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, other countries in the union are left to watch how events will unfold as years move. This will determine the future of cannabis in these countries. Those states in the USA who are yet to legalize it are also watching before drawing a conclusion.

It is anticipated that growing cannabis for personal use will increase. However, this will only happen when individuals learn to cultivate and harvest cannabis for themselves. In Canada, A larger percentage of individuals have started to learn what it takes to cultivate cannabis from their premises. 

In most of these states, cannabis manufacturing industries (those that manufacture seeds, seedlings, herbicides and machines like cannabis trimmers) have recorded high numbers of visitors willing to learn how manufacturing takes place. This will further lead to increased demand for personal cannabis trimmers.

Recent research indicated how most individuals in both countries buy cannabis directly from friends and dealers rather than licensed dealers, and this is likely to take place in many years to come.

The legalization of pot in Canada and the USA is vastly different and will likely continue to be for some time. This will potentially change in the future, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.


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