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T2 Vacuum Elbow

T2 Vacuum Impeller Housing

Vacuum Hose, 6in Dia Pvc x 6.25ft For T2 & Trim Saver

Bolt Shcs Zp M6-1 X 20 Left Hand Thread

T2 Vacuum Hose Clamp 6in Two Pack

Bolt Hhcs Zp 5/16-24 x 1/2

T2 Vacuum Bag Clamp (Two Pack)

Safety Lockout Switch Red And Yellow For T2 & T4

T2 Vacuum Start Capacitor, 300mf

T2 Vacuum Motor 2hp 230v 60hz

T2 Vacuum Bag 40 Micron (High Flow)

Vacuum Hose Cuff 6in (T2 & Trim Saver)

T2 Vacuum Motor Cord

Vacuum Run Capacitor, 250v 30 Mfd (T4/T6 Vac)

T2 Vacuum Bag Inner Support Rod

6″ Keyed Vacuum Hose Clamp (T2)

T2 Vacuum & T4 Trim Saver Run Capacitor, 45mf

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