Product Spotlight : Batchone Dry Trimmer

Jul 14, 2020

Product Spotlight : Batchone Dry Trimmer 

Growing cannabis takes a lot of patience and best efforts to see your plant ready for harvest. However, at the time of harvest comes one of the most important tasks: trimming to increase marijuana yield, flavour fullness, and potency. This is why every grower needs trimming equipment that won’t only speed up the process, but also saves time and effort. At present, there are so many bud trimmers sold in the online and offline market that it can be overwhelming. It’s vital to choose one that is efficient and fast. We are currently helping growers at home increase efficiency best in 2020 with our BatchOne Dry Trimmer offering.


What is the BatchOne Dry Cannabis Trimmer?

Known as a game-changer in cannabis trimming, the BatchOne Dry Trimmer machine is best in the market. It is specially built for industrial growers interested in dry trimming their products. It has the ability to trim over 88 lbs dry per hour and also helps to speed up the harvest process. With this excellent trimming equipment, growers can now reduce the time spent on manually dry trimming their cannabis while increasing return on investment. One beautiful thing about this product is that it is affordable and easy to use, even a new grower can perfectly make good use of the BatchOne just by reading through the product manual. 

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What are the features of the BatchOne Dry Cannabis Trimmer?

Some of the best features of this product include the following:

• High-quality product with great design: The BatchOne Dry Trimmer machine was designed with craft growers in mind. This amazing product comes with a 120Vplug and play  electrical. It has the capability to trim up to 88 lbs/hour, and over 32,000 gentle cuts per minute. Isn’t this amazing? This allows growers to speed up their harvest process without compromising the quality of the flower. In addition, the BatchOne Dry Trimmer is designed to work quietly at just above 60 decibels. 

• Functional and user-friendly: Furthermore, this machine is not only user-friendly, but it is also functional and cost-effective. It is so easy to use that even a new grower can effectively make use of it. The BatchOne Dry Trimmer also comes with a bin that captures your trim to allow for the best simple storage. 

• Easy to clean: Also, this amazing trimming product has a quick removal tumbler design, which makes it easy to clean the tumbler without worrying about misplacing the bolts mistakenly. You can also clean and remove the control box without risk of damaging the electronics.

• Portable: Every grower wants a portable instrument that is easy to use and this what the BatchOne Dry Trimmer does. It comes with 360 degree rotating-and-locking caster wheels for easy movement and stability. It also moves through doors and hallways easily with a removable control box that allows you to fit through standard 32-34″ doors. 

• Affordable: Sold for $19,692 USD MSP, the BatchOne Dry Trimmer is one of the best affordable and cost-effective machines, especially when compared to other marijuana trimmers you can find in the online and offline market. Remember that this amazing product has the capability to trim over 88 lbs/hr dry; it is easy to clean, movable, and has a beautiful design.


How can I buy this product?

To buy the BatchOne Dry Trimmer, you can find a dealer on our website here.  You can also connect with us toll-free by phone at 604-495-1895 or send an email to



Every grower needs an automatic cannabis trimmer that helps to increase efficiency while reducing time spent on manual trimming. If you are a cannabis grower seeking a trimmer that can help speed up the process, then your best option is to opt for the BatchOne Dry Trimmer specially created for craft growers. With this amazing product, cultivators can now have peace of mind, knowing that the quality standard of the BatchOne can help them maximize profit and increase return on investment.


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