Product Spotlight: Twister T2

Oct 20, 2020

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Choosing the right machine for your cannabis trimming depends on the size and the type of trimming you prefer. The Twister T2 is a machine designed to conveniently help you out with all your trimming requirements.

Why Choose the Twister T2

A big question to be asking yourself is why you should choose the Twister T2 for your trimming needs. If you ask us, the answers are obvious, but there are several machines in the market that can muddle your perceptions of what’s necessary for a proper cannabis and hemp trimming machine. The Twister T2 stands out amongst others because of its unique design and attention-to-detail.


The trimmer system can do both wet and dry trimming comfortably. By purchasing this one machine, you are free to do either. It uses radial cyclone technology, which enables it to collect up to 90% of your cannabis product. The product is collected in a stainless collecting bin.


This trimmer system is capable of trimming up to a speed of 35 lbs/hr for wet trimming for a single unit but it can also trim wet up to 172 lbs/hr with 4 units in a row. There are no interruptions and the T2 also allows up to four configurations in a row. For dry trimming, it can trim your cannabis at a speed of 11 lbs/hr. 


This is a complete machine that will not require you to buy complimentary parts or equipment. Most of its components are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting. The blades are made of hardened steel and do not require to be sharpened regularly or changed. Their design allows them more time between sharpening than other machines made by our competitors. 

Safety Conscious

This is a machine designed with your safety in mind. It has an emergency knob in the unlikely event of an emergency and the belt is covered by a guard to avoid unnecessary injuries when trimming.

Components of this Cannabis Trimming Machine

The size of your plants often determines the type of system you require. Size is not the only consideration, but it’s certainly a part of it, the other consideration is what kind of end product you want. Our Twister T2 system is extremely efficient for those who have already tried it. The key components are numerous and uniquely designed to help all producers.

Stainless Steel Belt Guards & Tumbler

The trimming system comprises belts that move at a high speed during the trimming process. There are two major occurrences if the belt is exposed. First, the belt is likely to cause an accident due to the high speed, and second, it is likely to get spoiled quickly. For these reasons, the belt is covered with a stainless guard.  The trimmer’s tumbler also has a guard to help it from wearing out quickly, made of stainless steel to avoid rusting.

Automatic Interlock Sensor

When operating any trimming system, it is obviously impossible to foresee when an emergency will occur. In case of a malfunction, the trimmer is fitted with an automatic safety interlock sensor that quickly responds. The T2 can detect a problem and then stops to avoid further damages, demonstrating its intuitive design.

Emergency Stop Knob

Our Twister Trimmer design team thought of everything when creating this cannabis and hemp trimmer; including safety features. The T2 has an emergency stop knob that is red in colour and labelled ‘emergency stop’. We care about your security, whenever there is an emergency gently use the knob without panic. Regular cleaning and proper use of the T2 machine will make sure you get a long life out of this cannabis and hemp trimming system. The Twister T2, just like any other trimmer, requires proper handling to serve you well. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will be so happy to help!  

Proudly Made in North America

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