Maximize Yield and Improve Quality Control

Increase the market value of your consumer-ready flower

Increase your flower’s market value by reducing product loss, removing defective flower and increasing your throughput with fewer people required. 

Consistent feed. Consistent trim.

A conveyor at the input eliminates downtime and ensures smooth trimming at full capacity.

A timely pace.
A visible space.

A conveyor at the output allows QC techs to pick out and touch up or reject subpar flowers.

A constant feed.
A faster throughput.

Conveyors eliminate lag with adjustable speed control, making the process 30% faster without requiring additional manpower.

Meet target productivity levels and regulatory compliance head-on

The Stainless Steel Conveyor is designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial producer environment, comply with FDA standards, and surpass strict QA / health and safety regulations while optimizing trimming systems through ergonomic, easy-to-use design.

Maximize Yield.
Increase Efficiency.

  • Eliminate product loss and keep your conveyor running efficiently with sidewalls designed to overlap the belt. No loose product gets caught under the sidewalls or lost under the belt.
  • Easy-to-use variable speed belt adjustment gets the optimum amount of throughput into the trimmer consistently.
  • Toolless height adjustment allows you to easily increase height when using a rail system to speed up throughput.

Industry Compliance
Made Easy

These conveyors are made entirely of FDA compliant materials ensuring a fast, consistent clean that reduces downtime while safeguarding against product contamination. 


  • Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel makes up the bed, casters, and walls.
  • Polyurethane ensures that the belt and wheels are able to withstand commercial cleaners and sanitizers.
  • FDA compliant coating encases electrical components.
  • FDA compliant plastics and materials make up small components and bearings.
  • Even the lubricant within the bearings is FDA compliant in case of incidental contact with flower.

Get a Quicker, More Thorough Clean

Toolless removable sidewalls and flip-up lip allow for easy, thorough cleaning while preventing any product from getting trapped under the sidewalls or the conveyor belt, which could potentially stall the motor. All materials are rated for washdown and are resistant to corrosion from commercial cleaners and sanitizers.


  • A one-piece bed, smooth surfaces, and seamless design eliminate cracks, crevices, and hollow extrusions that are susceptible to contamination 
  • Wheels and lock casters allow easy moveability for cleaning in different locations
  • Meet QA standards and save time with a simple finish wipe down

A comfortable environment.
A productive team.

Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and physical stress to help workers stay alert when performing QC.

Easy-to-use variable speed belt adjustment eliminates lag when loading ensuring that the trimmer works at maximum capacity. 

Easy-to-use toolless adjustable legs ensure an efficient and comfortable work environment.

You Grow.
We Grow With You

If you’re scaling up a commercial production, Extendable Height Conveyors provide a wide range of height adjustment so that you can increase the incline of the trimming system and allow for more machines to be put in a row.


for T4 & T2, no rails



  • FDA approved feed conveyor belt
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Adjustable legs to match conditions
  • GMP compliant


Standard Feed Height: 23-33in
Standard QC Height: 20-24in


Extended Height

for T4 Rails & T2 Triple/Quad Rails *extra tall



  • FDA approved feed conveyor belt
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Adjustable legs to match conditions
  • GMP compliant


Extended Feed Height: 29-46in
Extended QC Height: 23-33in

Stainless Steel

for T4 Rails & T2 Triple/Quad Rails *extra tall


All The Standard Features Plus:

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Single piece bed construction
  • Toolless quick height adjustment
  • Removable side walls
    • prevents material from collecting under the belt
  • Quick release belt & flip up nose
    • gives full access to underside of belt
  • Washdown rated VFD
    • other motors are not washdown
    • 2.5x larger motor to prevent stalls
  • Locking casters for easy transport from trim rooms and cleaning bays
  • Isopropyl Alcohol compatible
  • CSA, CE, UL, GMP compliant


Stainless Feed Height: 24-43in
Stainless QC Height: 19-33in

Greenhouse Ready

GFCI compatible. The Twister Conveyors can be safely used in a wet area.



Conveyor Leg
Extension Kit

Do you have standard conveyors and already using rails or want to upgrade to rails?

Add our extension kit to meet the height with rails.

• Allows existing customers to upgrade to T4 Rails or T2 Triple or T2 Quad Rails

• Works on both Feed and QC Conveyors

• Made of anodized aluminum