North America

240V 1P 50A 60Hz

North America

208V 3P 60A 60Hz


380V 3P 50Hz


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Product Number 50-40013A
Power Options (02-10019A) 208V 3P 60Hz 60A
Power Options (02-10030A) 204V 1P 60Hz 50A
Power Options (02-10031A) 380V 3P 50Hz 64A
Heating Time 15°C – 75°C (02-10019A) 100min
Heating Time 15°C – 75°C (02-10030A) 160min
Heating Time 15°C – 75°C (-2-10031A) 100min
Overall Dimension (Width) 1,660mm
Overall Dimension (Depth) 1,080mm
Overall Dimension (Height) 1,860mm
Tank Inner Size (Width) 1,000mm
Tank Inner Size (Depth) 580mm
Tank Inner Size (Height) 760mm
Storage Tank Size (Width) 350mm
Storage Tank Size (Depth) 580mm
Storage Tank Size (Height) 600mm
Tank Capacity 125G / 470L
Effective Liquid Level 500mm
Heating Power (1P) 7.5W
Heating 12KW


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