The Best 5 Trimmers for All Your Needs

Aug 19, 2020

Trimming marijuana after harvesting is a delicate process that requires expertise to handle. However, not every person, industry professional or not, is always knowledgeable on how to trim buds, hence the need for machines. There are several machines designed to remove the unwanted soft leaves from the cannabis bud without destroying the initial shape. Below are the best machines for preparing the perfect buds for cannabis production.

Twister T-Zero: Producing Marijuana for Sale

t-zero pro se cannabis marijuana hemp trimmer commercial

Twister T-Zero is a high-performance machine that can be used for the industrial production of marijuana buds. Several things make T-Zero the perfect choice for commercial production of marijuana. First, the machine can trim both wet and dry hemp buds at a regular performance.


In a single minute, T-Zero makes up to 56,000 cuts with a total weight of more than 600 pounds in an hour. To achieve this performance, T-Zero uses angle adjustments and variable speed controls. Also, the machine uses a water mist system for the best wet trimmed buds. 


As a way of promoting efficiency, T-Zero uses a touchscreen interface. The automation by Siemens PLC enables the user to collect data and make custom presets for optimal performance. The user can also control the speed of tumblers, conveyors, and belts to get high-quality produce. 


Twister T2: Production of Commercial Cannabis

t2 cannabis marijuana hemp trimmer

Twister T2 is a high-performance trimmer fitted with sophisticated features to ensure that the output meets the high demand and quality required of commercial marijuana. It is made using stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Also, the materials used in the T2 are approved by the food licensing board.


This marijuana trimmer has a high performance and can produce up to 160 pounds in an hour. The tumbler and blades also contain settings for regulating the quality of the trim.


Twister T4: Ideal Trimmer for Medium Marijuana Producer

t4 cannabis maijuana hemp trimmer

TheT4 is the perfect choice for people who like to make marijuana buds at home without compromising on quality. The blade and tumbler have six settings for controlling cannabis trimming until the right texture is achieved. Unlike other machines that produce varying trims for wet and dry marijuana, the T4 yields a smooth uniform output, making it best for user-friendly trimming.


The T4 is easy to clean since it is made from stainless steel. Using harsh chemicals during the cleaning process does not cause rusting to the trimmer. The T4 can produce up to 78 pounds in an hour. The speed of this cannabis trimmer depends on whether the flower buds are dry or wet.


BatchOne: The Dry Trimming Solution

batchone dry trimmer cannabis marijuana hemp

Dry trimming is synonymous with noise, which no marijuana producer likes. BatchOne beats all odds to establish itself as the best choice for dry trimming. The machine is made using a ¼ HP high-performance motor to perform optimally for a long period. 


The tumbler used in BatchOne is removable, which further makes cleaning best and easy. This machine also focuses on portability and can rotate at 360 degrees. It also features locking caster wheels to enable the best easy movement, especially for a short distance. The control box is also removable and can fit in 32-34″ doors, making it very flexible.


The saddles are adjustable to produce a fine trim within the shortest time possible. The bud trim can be loaded and unloaded from either end of the tumbler and has a five-point pivoting, which contributes to flexibility. Several tests carried out on the trimmer against competitors show that it is more silent.  


Twister T6: A Haven for Small Scale Hemp Producers

t6 cannabis marijuana hemp trimmer

Most of the cannabis trimmers on the market cater to medium to large scale marijuana producers, which leaves the small scale lot marginalized. However, with the Twister T6, small scale growers can prepare the best cannabis flower buds with ease. This machine can trim up to 4 pounds of dry trim in an hour and 20 pounds of wet trim in an hour.


The T6 is made using a high-grade alloy of aluminum, 304 stainless steel, and ballistic-grade plastics. T6 is also lightweight and easily portable, with a 0.25HP motor, which allows it to trim for a long time without stalling.


Regardless of what marijuana trimmer machine you use, Twister Trimmer offers the best products for all of your needs. Need help picking one? Contact us here.


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