Grammy Award nominated Don Carlos – Protecting a brand

As the owner and operator of Hygro Humboldt and Ital Distribution, Bryan Robinson understands every aspect of the industry. More importantly he takes very seriously the importance of continuing the Humboldt legacy. His commitment to quality means working with both innovators and icons. Protecting cannabis brand reputation was high on his list as Hygro Humboldt’s partnered with legendary Grammy-award-winning Reggae artist Don Carlos.

Their partnership was grown from a shared passion for quality cannabis. Together, they wanted to find a way to reduce the person-hours that went into creating a world-class brand without compromising quality.

The Soul of Humboldt – Hygro Humboldt x Don Carlos

Bryan Robinson has cultivated cannabis for over 23 years. He started Hygro Humboldt and Ital Distribution in 2015 when legalization was available in California at a commercial level. Day-to-day, Bryan is involved in everything from seed to sale. A proud steward of the Humboldt name, Bryan doesn’t work in cannabis; he lives it.

Humboldt Trimmer T4
Grammy nominated Don Carlos
Hang drying cannabis

The Hidden High Costs and Inconsistency with Hand Trimming

Before using the Twister T4, Hygro Humboldt would employ 20 hand trimmers  per month.

Hand trimming costs averaged $20,000-$25,000 each month.

Hygro thought that hand trimming was the only way in protecting cannabis brand reputation. Bryan and Don Carlos saw an opportunity to innovate. An opportunity for a trimming solution that maintained the quality they were looking for while dramatically reducing labor costs.

Hygro Humboldt had experimented with other cannabis machine trimmers, but they did not yield the results Bryan and his team wanted.

“The issues with other trimmers were many: chewing, bruising, and damaging the product. We have tried other trimmers previously and I wouldn’t rate them very high,” recalls Bryan.

After many failed attempts, Bryan and his team did not believe that there was a solution. Something gentle enough to create the type of product they wanted. In fact, they were wary of all machine trimmers, yet understood that cutting down on labor costs was the only viable option.

It was simple, Hygro Humboldt wanted a unicorn cannabis trimmer that produced a flower that seemed like it was barely touched by hands at all.

Twister T4 Trimmer

Why Hygro Humboldt and the Don Carlos Brand Chose the Twister T4

Being a part of the cannabis industry for decades, Bryan kept hearing the Twister name. While many shops in Southern Humboldt sold similar products, none were garnering the reputation of Twister.

Hearing about the glowing track record it had developed, Bryan was eager to see results. He wanted to work with a proven brand. One that could support 7 days a week and send parts in 24 hours. Twister could fully support Hygro Humboldt.

While a customer support team and reputation factored into Hygro Humboldt’s decision, ultimately, it came down to the T4’s performance. The Twister T4’s medical and food grade materials, user-friendly experience and ease of use, Twister proved to be the high-quality system that Bryan and his team had been hoping for.

“The Twister T4 works great, the cleaning and the breakdown is easy, it’s a very user-friendly system.


Twister Trimmer product is top-notch. It’s made very strong. The electronics detach and we can pressure wash. It’s completely cleaned off from anything that might contaminate it or also gum it up.”

As Hygro Humboldt grows exotics, it was important to have a solution to handle the different shapes of the different buds. One of the major wins with the T4’s is its ability to adjust to different products strains and densities.

The Results

After using the Twister T4, Hygro Humboldt transitioned from a full hand trim to a machine trim and very light hand polish, which meant that the product goes through the Twister T4 for a quick pass-through then finished off by hand trimmers.

The Twister T4 saves Hygro Humboldt about $18,000 a month in labor costs while costing only half of that amount.

“Humboldt county has something special, and we wouldn’t just bring anything to trim our weed here. We really have a lot of pride and so much heart and soul and emotion into what we put out that we’re not even going to think about a machine that’s going to mishandle our product.”

“The Twister Trimmer is the best I’ve seen. It’s excellent.” Don Carlos

Today, Bryan and his team at Hygro Humboldt are protecting cannabis brand reputation with Twister T4 for all their trimming needs.

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