Trimming Machine Throughput Called Out

Jan 25, 2023

T-ZERO Pro Throughput

As the cannabis industry continues to develop, there is a lack of standards in many areas, including the performance of growing and processing products. Companies may make claims about large yields from extraction equipment, fertilizers, high PAR levels on lights, or high throughput numbers on trimming machines, but without common standards, it can be difficult to compare products accurately. 

Trimming machines are measured differently among manufacturers. Methods for measurement include input wet weight, input dry weight, untrimmed feed rate, output wet weight, and output dry weight. However, the only number that truly matters for cannabis processors is the dry trimmed weight, with no more than 10% touch-up required. Some companies may inflate their numbers by including additional labor for touch-ups, which is not a fair representation of the machine’s actual throughput. For every 10 lbs of cannabis flower trimmed, human intervention should only be required for less than 1lb. It is certainly possible to improve this ratio to zero touch-ups or human intervention required, however, this will be at the cost of the overall flower look and weight. A machine can continue to take off leaf and eventually start damaging the bud itself until the flower looks like it was put in a rock polisher. This typically does not affect the potency of the bud, but it can remove some of the visual characteristics of the flower. And worse, it will reduce the overall flower weight – increasing the ratio of trim. This is not the goal of most cannabis producers, so a small amount of hand finishing is often preferred. 

This lack of standards or accurate measurements can cause frustration for processors. However, there is one option that can provide a solution: a Performance Guarantee. The Twister T-Zero is the only commercial trimming machine that offers this option. By using data from your own crop, and following the proven process, a metric is created, and the throughput, at your expected quality, is guaranteed. This eliminates the need to worry about whether the advertised throughput is accurate and ensures that you get the best quality product. To learn more about the Performance Guarantee, contact us


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